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***This picture is 5 months apart

jennapicture.jpg Several years ago, I had a serious injury to my cervical spine that left me with minimal lifting capacity and constant physical pain. I underwent months and months of physical therapy through the medical system. By May of 2018 I could still barely lift over 20 pounds without having significant pain for days afterwards.
In May of 2018, I decided to set up a group training with April Austin Pugh, I coerced two friends into joining with me.
I can now safely and easily lift 50 pounds without pain. I would not have even attempted that six months ago!
April's true talent and expertise is in building up physical fitness so slowly that I never felt that this was something I could not do or accomplish. She is constantly and fine tuning the workout to ensure that the amount of repetitions and types of exercises are never going to cause injury.
Along with diet and exercise overseen by April I have lost almost 45 pounds in five months.
I cannot thank April enough for helping me to get my body back. I spent most of my thirties in horrible fitness levels, now I feel like I have my body back.
Body by April!
I am worth it!

Jenna - Valley Center, CA

Robin P.

October 2018

I've always thought I had a pretty good self-esteem. I like WHO I am. I adore my family. I'm fairly optimistic. I still like to learn new things. I'm grateful for my life. I'm SO grateful for my girlfriends! But for years, I've avoided my reflection - mainly because I didn't recognize that person. The mirrors in stores (they always add at least 20lbs.); my reflection in store windows; pictures, and even the mirrors in my house, once I get ready for work in the morning, I'm done for the day! I became quite good at hiding and ignoring my body over the years and it showed.Then one day my friend told me she "signed us up for training" with April. I was already familiar with April Austin Pugh. My husband hired her to help our son and daughter with batting and she did a great job. I knew she trained athletes at SP. I was pretty sure I was beyond help, but since I was signed up anyway, I decided to give it a try. After all, there was nothing to lose! 

It's been 4 months and I don't ever want to stop! I've lost almost 30lbs - and I still have a way to go - but more importantly, I've changed how I look at myself. I can't believe that I look forward to the days that I get to train.  I love my time to sweat, in fact, I protect it. I am stronger now and getting stronger every week. I have better balance. I'm never sore. I'm more confident. I look for ways to incorporate fitness into my day. It has been years, but once again, I am someone who likes to challenge herself because I can do things now that I couldn't 4 months ago. She always finds new ways to challenge us and make it fun. I'm haven't found my core yet, but April assures me I have one! I think the biggest difference is that I'm no longer disappointed by my reflection, I don't hide in the back row of every picture. When I see myself now, I see potential.  Thanks April!